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Evenings of Song in Lockhart

February 19, 2013

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Evenings of Song Presents Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines


(Lockhart) Producer Fletcher Clark’s Evenings of Song opens its 2013 season at Lockhart’s Gaslight-Baker Theatre, presenting Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines, Saturday, March 2, 8:00pm. Admission is $20, $15 for Seniors and Children, available only at the door. The concert from this award-winning songwriter and producer duo will be the crowning entertainment event as Lockhart hosts the Texas Lone Star Grand Prix kart race, bringing thousands of visitors to the BBQ Capital of Texas.


“It is fitting that we play historic Lockhart on Texas Independence Day,” said Terri. Pioneering as a true Texas Independent with her own record label since 1996, this gifted artist is the embodiment of our historical celebration. Hailing from San Marcos, Terri's songs range in style from folk to pop to blues to jazz and all points in between. They reveal that it takes just as much courage to embrace and celebrate the light as to wallow in the blues. Her fans follow her on


Legendary producer Lloyd Maines has completed her music for many years, and theirs is a discernibly special relationship. Their show includes a hearty mix of musical instruments including dobro, mandolin, guitars, harmonica, and banjo. As true independent Texas artists they have each been celebrated with numerous awards including everything from the Gulf Coast Walk of Fame to Grammy nods. Lloyd’s fans follow him on


“A virtual anthem for Terri is her song, ‘Need, Need, Need’,” said Clark. “She’s got a ‘need to be wanted, a need to be free’. She lives that lyric – on so many levels.” Terri has a vision for a non-profit 501(c)(3)

community arts center, Own Your Own Universe. Its mission will be to develop and implement educational and therapeutic programs (writing, graphic arts, music, and theatre) for people of all ages, ethnicities, languages, and traditions – including those who face neurological challenges or physical disabilities. Visit their website, “Their performance calendar, including their Lockhart appearance, is dedicated to promoting and supporting the raising of this important initiative,” said Clark.


Evenings of Song, a concert series focusing on Texas singer-songwriters, is now in its third season. Previously featured artists include Shake Russell, Michael Hearne, Elizabeth Wills, George Ensle, Craig Toungate, Rose Kimball & Judy Painter, Adam Carroll, Bill McNeal, Tommy Elskes, Hank & Shaidri Alrich, Don Sanders, and Fletcher Clark. It has been complemented by Evenings with the Songwriter at Lockhart’s historic Dr. Eugene Clark Library. Host Fletcher Clark presents guest artists who play and discuss their songs and their songwriting careers for a rapt audience. Free to the public on the last Tuesday of each month, the series is made possible by the support of local Friends of the Song, Todd Blomerth and Patti Payne.


“I believe there is something special about the union of lyric and melody, poetry and tune, especially when presented by and from the creator to a receptive audience who participate in this shared experience,” explained Clark. “When I began these series, I hoped I would find eager ears and open minds in this small town, not just for my music, but for scores of worthy troubadours. That has happened!” Fletcher’s fans follow him on


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